Saturday, August 27, 2011

30 custom cards, including envelopes, from Custom Cards and Stuff (1 of 2)

This auction is for 30 custom cards or announcements (including envelopes) from
Custom Cards and Stuff. "you dream it, i design it".
Need Christmas cards?  
Baby announcements?
Thank you cards?
Custom Cards and Stuff will design anything you need, and provide you with
30 one-sided 5x7 cards, including envelopes. You have the option of ordering as many more cards as you need at retail value.

Click here to see their blog!

This auction is set at a $2.00 increment, with a starting bid of $5.00


  1. 5.00 - My husband and I are doing Christmas cards this year, and this would make it so much easier.

  2. Love these things !! $7

  3. Hi, I'm Jaclyn Jensen (my cousin is Cori Givan Wahlin and passed this auction to me via facebook)

    My bid is $15.00